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5 Reasons why disabled people (passengers with reduced mobility – PRM) are concerned about air travel

Disabled people are described in the air travel industry as passengers with reduced mobility or PRM.

PRM are categorised further as “Romeo”, “Charlie”, etc. but less formal but equally descriptive, Airport Special Assist Services have been known to categorise PRM with terms like “Skip” or “crawl”.  I’m sure there is another way to describe disabled people travelling with airlines or using special assist services, the word is “Passengers”.  Practical or not, the language used tends to de-humanise but in a way that can reasonably be said to sum up the whole experience of flying for disabled people.  It is a somewhat frustrating mix of mechanical struggle with administrative irritation.


Air Travel

There are a total of nine airports in Ireland. Three of these airports - Dublin, Cork and Shannon - are owned by the Irish government and operated on its behalf by separate airport authorities. (That is, Dublin, Cork, and Shannon Airport Authorities). The other Irish airports at Waterford, Knock, Galway, Sligo, Donegal and Kerry are privately owned.