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Assistive Technology for Children with Physical Disabilities:

Personal computers have dramatically changed the way students learn and complete assignments. The average computer, however, may not be accessible to children with physical limitations. Learn how assistive technology for children with disabilities can give them access to personal computers.

    Keyboard Access

    Many adaptations or alternatives exist in assistive technology for disabled students who have typing challenges. Keyguards, for example, are hard plastic covers with holes for each key. Using a keyguard, children with unsteady fingers can avoid striking unwanted keys. Keyguards increase accuracy, maintain correct placement of hand, and help avoid accidental pressing of keys. They must match the specific keyboard layout and often attach to the keyboard with Velcro.


Scammers hit consumers with increasingly sophisticated ploys

A growing number of people are falling victim to consumer scams, including to increasingly sophisticated online "phishing" operations.

The National Consumer Agency yesterday urged consumers to be more vigilant after revealing that it received 835 scam-related queries in the past 12 months.

Of those, 44% were PC phishing scams, where the consumer was contacted directly by someone purporting to represent a company and advising them of a problem with their computer.


Assistive technology for Kids with LD: An overview

If your child has a learning disability, she may benefit from assistive technology tools that play to her strengths and work around her challenges.

By Marshall Raskind, Ph.D. , Kristin Stanberry

Assistive technology (AT) is available to help individuals with many types of disabilities — from cognitive problems to physical impairment. This article will focus specifically on AT for individuals with learning disabilities (LD).

The use of technology to enhance learning is an effective approach for many children. Additionally, students with LD often experience greater success when they are allowed to use their abilities (strengths) to work around their disabilities (challenges). AT tools combine the best of both of these practices.


Catch Security

Thirty Years Experience in the Security Industry 

Catch Security Systems Ltd., with headquarters in Cork City, and incorporating Mid West Alarms in Limerick City is a progressive forward thinking company involved in nation-wide security system design, installation, service, and customer support through it's strategically situated branch offices. It is a member of the I.S.I.A. (Irish Security Industry Association) and a member of the N.S.A.I.




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