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Driving Lessons for People with Disabilities

Both organizations provide advice on suitable car adaptations to meet individual needs. Similarly advice is given on the purchase of suitable cars.

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The Disabled Drivers Association (DDA)
Co. Mayo
Tel: (094) 64054/64266
Fax: (094) 64336
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The IWA and the DDA may be able to assist in getting insurance cover.

A.A. Breakdown Service
Members of The Disabled Drivers Association can avail of a limited free A.A. Breakdown Service. This would include e.g. mending a puncture at the side of the road, but not service at home, equivalent to the AA Home Start scheme.

Discounts when purchasing a car
Members of the Disabled Drivers Association can avail of special discounts from garages on purchasing most makes of cars, usually between 2-3%. Proof of Membership of the Association is required.

Other services provided by the Disabled Drivers Association

  • Group Scheme giving 10% saving over individual membership of the VHI.
  • Holiday Homes
  • IT Training Centre, providing courses for members in Information Technology. These courses are also available by `distance learning`, where an instructor will provide tuition in the members home.

A new parking permit for people with disabilities was launched on 12th December 1997. It is available to people with disabilities, whether driver or passenger, and to registered blind people. This permit differs from the previous arrangement in that the permit applies to the person with the disability, rather than to the car driven - as with the previous scheme. This means that, for example, a person with a disability who may be driven at different times by a number of people - family members, friends etc. - can bring the permit with them and display it in the appropriate vehicle.

It applies to public car parking areas only, but will also enable private car parks, supermarkets etc. to monitor more effectively parking in areas which they have designated for people with disabilities.

The scheme is endorsed by the Department of the Environment and is being administered by the Irish Wheelchair Association and the Disabled Drivers` Association of Ireland, to whom application should be made. The permit is valid for five years.

People who have a Primary Medical Certificate (exempting them from VAT, VRT and motor tax on vehicles, fuel) will automatically qualify, but must apply. Other people may get an application from one of the two organisations below, which then must be completed by their doctor and counter-signed by a Garda.

The Disabled Drivers` Association of Ireland,
Ballindine, Co. Mayo.
Tel: (094) 64266/64054

Irish Wheelchair Association
Aras Chuchulain,
Blackheath Drive,
Clontarf, Dublin 3.

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