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Buying a Vehicle

  • check the discount available to you
  • establish if the discount is included in 'extras' such as power steering and automatic transmission
  • establish if the discounts are included before or after the VAT/VRT rebates.

You should choose your car carefully and make sure it suits your needs, and the needs of other family members who might use it. Things to bear in mind are:

  • door widths - the opening width of the door should be checked for ease of access (two door models usually have bigger doors for better access and egress and allow easier storage for a wheelchair)
  • sill heights (inside and outside)
  • all-round visibility - a consideration particularly if neck movement is limited
  • height of the boot from the ground
  • storage space in the boot and in the back seat for mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers etc
  • headroom and legroom - particularly if long journeys may have to be undertaken
  • leg room at driver's footwell
  • ease of entry and egress
  • ease of transferring over from passenger side to drivers side, and back again if required
  • seat adjustments - should be versatile and easy to perform (quick release levers are a necessity for some)
  • cost of adaptations
  • cost of extras eg automatic transmission, electric windows

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