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Choosing the Car

There are several fundamental factors that can make a huge difference when choosing a car.

Things to be considered include:

The width of the doors (2 door cars have a much wider door opening)
Storage space for wheelchairs and other mobility aids
Ease of lifting aids into and out of a vehicle.
Other factors to be considered are:

Is automatic transmission available?
Is power assisted steering available?
Is it necessary for you as a driver?
Can the car be easily adapted with hand controls etc. for use and at what cost?
Where can these adaptations be fitted?
Fitting of Adaptive Controls
If you are adapting a car so that it can be driven with hand controls it is vitally important to have them professionally made and fitted for both convenience and safety. You will be relying totally on hand controls for braking and other vital functions. It is as important to have the hand controls fitted by an expert, as it is to have a foot controlled braking system properly installed in a standard production car.

Fitting hand controls is a hugely skilled job in relation to the bodywork of the vehicle itself. Unless this is undertaken by a professional, the bodywork of the car could be damaged and, for example, rust proofing warranties could be invalidated or serious structural weakening or damage could be caused.

It is also essential to have your hand controls regularly maintained and checked. Hand controls are not checked as part of a standard vehicle service and it is up to you to take your vehicle to a reputable garage, or the fitter who supplied them, to have the adaptations inspected when the car is serviced on a regular basis. You may be putting your life and others at risk if you do not check for stretched cables, loose connections, worn bearings or pins or other faults.

It is not recommended that hand controls be transferred from one make or model of car to another. If you are changing your car it is considered good practice to have a new set of hand controls supplied and fitted to your new vehicle.

All adaptive driving or mobility equipment is subject to VAT. However, you reclaim this VAT.

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