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Employment Supports for People with Disabilities

Personal Reader Grant

Blind or visually impaired people who need help with extra reading at work may be eligible for a Personal Reader Grant. This will allow the person with the visual impairment or who is blind to hire someone to assist with extra job related reading, over and above the reading normally required at work.

Employment Support Scheme (ESS).

The Employment Support Scheme (ESS) offers financial support to employers who employ people with disabilities whose productivity levels are between 50% and 80%. The person is paid the normal rate of pay for the job and an ESS grant is paid to the employer to cover the shortfall in productivity.

A person on the Employment Support Scheme is subject to the same conditions of employment as other employees. These conditions include PRSI contributions, annual leave and tax deductions and minimum wage requirements. Whilst employed and benefiting from ESS funding, the person can retain for one year any secondary benefits which have been received prior to taking up employment (i.e. medical card, travel pass).

Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant (WEAG)

Employers who have to adapt their workplace or equipment for an employee with a disability may apply for a grant towards the cost.

The grant may be paid whether the person with a disability is already employed or is about to be employed. Self-employed people with disabilities may also apply.

Supported Employment Programme

Through this new programme, people with disabilities who need additional assistance, will be helped to get and retain employment. It will operate through a range of organisations and will provide for Job Coaches who will assist in the employment of people with disabilities. For further details click here. (link to Supported Employment Programme Text under Services to Communities)

Disability Awareness Training for Employers

This new grant scheme is currently available. It provides for grants towards the cost of Disability Awareness training for employees. Further details are available from the FAS Regional Services to Businesses offices

Employee Retention Grant

The purpose of this grant is to assist employers to retain at work employees who become disabled through illness or injury. Through this grant such employees can be offered re-training so that they can undertake alternative duties or continue to work at their existing duties, using modified techniques.

For further information and Application Forms on the above, please contact your local FÁS Employment Services Office.


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