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Back You are here: Home Employment Employment Employers In 2003 EMPLOYERS: Were Given Year to Adapt Workplaces for People With Disabilities

In 2003 EMPLOYERS: Were Given Year to Adapt Workplaces for People With Disabilities

“This means that employers shall take appropriate measures, where needed in a particular case, to enable a person with a disability to have access to, participate in, or advance in employment, or to undergo training, unless such measures would impose a disproportionate burden on the employer,”

Member-states are required to introduce all necessary laws and regulations by December 2003 but the introduction of the tougher equality rules could have been delayed for a further three years.

However, the department of Justice and Law Reform has decided to implement the disability section immediately for December 2003, although a decision about strengthening the age discrimination rules has not yet been made.

Welcoming the decision, the Equality Authority’s chief executive, Mr Niall Crowley, said: “It should enhance the move towards more accessible working place. I think it is positive that they are not seeking extra time,”

Did you know the State provides assistance to employer and jobseekers?

A range of State supports re available to employers and jobseekers to help the inclusion of people with disabilities into the workplace. Not all employers or people with disabilities will require these supports, but is is helpful to know that they are available.

Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme:
Disability Awareness Training assists in eliminating mistaken perceptions about people with disabilities and their capacity to be productive, effective colleagues and employees. It covers topics such as the use of appropriate language and preparing existing staff when a new colleague with a disability is joining them. Funding is available from FÀS to companies in the private sector at a level of 90% of costs in the first year and 80% of costs in subsequent years.

Job Interviewer Interpreter Grant
FÀS will pay for an interpreter to attend a job interview with a person who has a hearing or speech impairment.

Workplace/Equipment Adaption Grant
A grant of up to €6,350 is available from FÀS towards the cost of making the workplace more accessible to a person with a disability.

Employment Support Scheme (ESS)
This FÀS scheme provided a wage subsidy to employers who recruit a person with a disability on a full-time basis (20 hours or more), if that person’s productivity is 20% to 50% lower than the average productivity levels of other employees. It is important to stress that many people with disabilities have productivity levels equal to their work colleagues who do not have a disability.

Personal Reader Grant
Available from FÀS for blind or visually impaired people in employment who need assistance with job related reading.

Employee Retraining Grants
This new grant will be available from FÀS for employers to re-train workers who acquire a disability in the course of their working lives so that they can continue to work in the same company.

Employers PRSI Exemption scheme
This scheme is available from the Department of Social and Family Affairs to employers who recruit a person with a disability for at least 4 days work per week. The scheme exempts the employer from his/her share of PRSI contributions in respect of the additional worker for the first two years of employment.

How To Apply
Further details and Applications for FÀS schemes are available from any of FÀS’s Employment Services Offices throughout the country. Further details and Application Forms for the Employer’s PRSI Exemption scheme are available from:

PRSI Exemption Scheme
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Gandon House
Amiens St
Dublin 1

Phone: 01 7043000


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