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Best Practice


Are the company’s induction procedures accessible to all? It may be necessary to change the format of information or install a hearing loop for induction talks.


Consulting employees with disabilities will ascertain if they require any adjustments to the training programme.

Disability Awareness Training

Monitoring the success of disability awareness training allows managers to update the programme if necessary.


It is also important to regularly review adjustments made for an employee with a disability as their needs may change over time.


It is a common mistake to overlook employees with disabilities for promotion to management/supervisory positions because they cannot physically do some of the tasks which they are responsible for. For example if promotion to a management position in a hotel involved a short period of work in the kitchen, a person with arthritis who was unable to chop vegetables could work shadow instead. In many cases the supervisor only needs to know how the task is done.


By raising awareness of help available, and encouraging staff to seek help if they become disabled, you are more likely to be able to monitor the number of staff with disabilities you retain in employment, remembering that most people with disabilities become so during their working life.


Publishing results of how you have measured up to your action plan in your annual report will enable employees, customers and the local community to see the organisation’s commitment to the employment of people with disabilities.


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